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If your home has been damaged by water, it's hard to know the next steps to take to restore your property. Our water damage restoration services will reduce the damage caused by water in your Perth home or office. Contact us today for a fast quote. 


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Steps To Take After Water Damage

There are many categories and classes of water damage. Knowing how to deal with each one of them is the key to mitigating water damage and restoring your property. It is important to note that water can cause significant damage to your property if left standing for a long time. To mitigate the damage, you need to act fast to stop more water from coming into the house and get rid of the water. Below are steps to take after water damage:

Step 1: Turn Off Power and Gas

The first thing you need to do when your home has been flooded is to turn off the lights and gas. There are usually shut-off switches for utilities outside the house, so be sure to turn the gas and power off. This will help to ensure you are safe.

Step 2: Take Photos

It is important that you document the level of damage to your home after a flooding incident. This will help with your insurance claim. Be sure to take photos both outside and inside the house to give the insurance adjuster a clear picture of the cause of the damage as well as the level of damage.

Step 3: Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

If you are dealing with a serious water damage issue, you should call in the experts. If there is raw sewage in your home, you should not attempt to deal with the issue on your own. Just call a competent water restoration company such as Kleen Slate Services to come and deal with the issue.

Step 4: Get Rid of Free-Standing Water if possible

The longer your home is left flooded, the worse the water damage will be. Therefore, it is important you move fast to remove free-standing water from your home or business premise. Be sure to wear waterproof clothing when draining your home or business premises of free-standing water. You can also use a mope to further dry the floor and basement of your home.

Step 5: Disinfect and Ventilate the Area

The affected area must be disinfected and ventilated properly. This will help to ensure no foul odours are present in the house or business premise.

Kleen Slate Services are an award winning cleaning service based in Perth. We have experience in Water Restoration and can completely clean up your property with our trained and accredited clean up service. Call us today.

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