Understanding the Stages of Corpse Decomposition

Life can be scary and unpredictable but nothing beats discovering an unattended dead body. It is even harder if the deceased person is a family member or a loved one. Dead bodies are not only traumatic but pose a health risk too. That said, knowing how to deal with the aftermath of an unattended death is vital. 

The first step after the discovery of a dead body should be reporting of the incidence to the authorities. After reporting a death, the clean up must be done. Most bodies are normally discovered in a decomposed state. Below is a compilation of the decomposition process to help you understand the situation at hand:

Stages of Corpse Decomposition

Fresh Stage of Decomposition

This is the first stage where the corpse is intact and free from insects. The body’s temperature goes down to the ambient temperature. The chemical changes in the corpse muscles also cause stiffening of limbs. The blood also goes to the part of the body closer to the ground.

The Bloat Stage

At this point, the organisms in the human gut begin eating up the body tissues. They excrete gases that cause bloating in the torso and limbs. The skin may also loosen because of tissue break down. As the gastrointestinal tract decomposes, a dark foul-smelling purge fluid is released.  It is released out of the nose and mouth by the pressure in the intestines.

Stage of Active Decay

It is in this stage that tissues start to become liquefied. The skin also blackens. Blowflies gather on the corpse and even lay their eggs.  The eggs hatch into maggots whose age help during the postmortem process.

Advanced Decay Stage

At this point, all the remains have blackened. The tissues have also dried up collapsing on the skeleton. The smell from the corpse will eventually subside as the remains dry and skeletonize. Eventually, only the bones remain on the ground.

unattended dead body cleanup professional

Why You Should Hire a Professional When There is an Unattended Death

Guaranteed Better results

Even though some people apply the DIY principle everywhere, it is not encouraged in this case. Leaving the clean-up process to professionals makes sure that cleaning is thorough. Dead bodies leave behind bacteria and harmful pathogens during decomposition. Professionals are skilled in cleaning even invisible biohazards. 

Quicker and Effective Results

Cleaning an unattended death in Perth and or a crime scene is tedious and time-consuming. However, hiring a professional fastens the process. They have the right equipment and chemicals to make the process hassle-free. It is also traumatizing to have to clean a crime scene for days. 

Safe and Affordable

To avoid contracting diseases from a unattended death and or a crime scene, it is better to hire a cleaning service. Secondly, it is cheaper to hire than to clean up personally. This is because cleaning services charge normal affordable rates. Besides, buying all the chemicals and equipment from scratch is too costly.

Wind Up

It is unfortunate to discover an unattended death. However, dealing with the situation knowledgeably can save lives. That said, it is crucial to have knowledge about decomposing bodies. Remember to hire professional cleaners for safe and sound management of such an incidence, unattended death Perth Kleen Slate Services are ready for your call

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