Unattended Death Clean Up

Death is one of the most sensitive aspects of human life, and dealing with it requires a great deal of compassion to not cause any more distress to those left behind. However, there are cases when an individual passes away alone or in isolation.

Sometimes, it may take days, weeks, or even months before anyone discovers the body – a phenomenon the Japanese refer to as kodokushi. This calls for the assistance of trained biohazard cleaning professionals to prevent its decomposition from becoming a health hazard to anyone living within the vicinity.


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The Health Hazards of an Unattended Death

Most people equate death with rigor mortis – the state when a deceased body stiffens up – but this is temporary: within 24 to 48 hours after death, decomposition and putrefaction have actually begun inside, and microorganisms are already breaking down organs and vessels. As a result, this may pose the following dangers:

  • Depending on the state of health the deceased was in, there is a potential for contact with blood-borne pathogens;
  • Putrefaction bloats the body, releasing noxious gases into the surrounding air; and
  • Decomposition causes parts of the body to liquefy, and this organic sludge can seep into porous materials such as wood, fabric, and even concrete, leaving potential contaminants behind.

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Why is a Professional Biohazard Clean-up required for Unattended Death?

Trying to clean up the remains of an unattended death is not just traumatic on the part of the person who found the body or for the family of the deceased, but it also poses health risks and environmental damage. In which case, professional yet compassionate assistance is necessary.

Bringing in a professional cleaning crew ensures thorough disinfection of the affected site to prevent the possibility of contamination and contagion, which may affect the health of those living in the area.

Along with removing the body, thorough cleaning, disinfection, and proper disposal of hazardous and contaminated items are part of the process involved. All these are done with great respect for both the deceased and their families.

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The Most Common Unattended Death FAQs

Of all the challenges people deal with, unattended deaths are the least pleasant. Discovering a corpse is traumatizing as it is disgusting. It doesn’t help that most people are caught off-guard not knowing what to do. That said, below are common FAQs that offer valuable insight on this issue:

Yes. The odour is possible to get rid of. However, it is not an easy job. It is recommended that a professional is hired to do the cleaning. They are skilled in how to eliminate bad odours using safe chemicals.

It is not advisable to try cleaning a crime scene yourself. This is because dead bodies leave behind bacteria and unhealthy pathogens. This is especially when they decompose. Secondly, cleaning a unattended death and or a crime scene can be mentally disturbing. There are high risks of suffering from PTSD after cleaning a crime scene

A unattended death and or a crime scene may take four to ten hours of professional cleaning.The odors may take days to combat with specialized equipment and chemicals. However, clean up can take up to two days for messy scenes. The duration, however, depends on the equipment and techniques used. If high tech equipment is used, less time is likely to be consumed.

The safety of a unattended death and or a crime scene after clean up can only be determined by the professionals. A cleaning professional should tell you when you can resume using the scene. Some professionals may recommend waiting a few days after clean up. However, for minor scenes, they are declared safe hours after cleaning.

No. Getting rid of just blood does not mean that a crime scene is clean and safe. Professional cleaning must first be done to get rid of all the invisible bacteria and pathogens. Besides, a professional needs to inspect the scene to declare it safe.

You do not have to be present during an unattended death and or a crime scene clean up. If need be, it is allowed to assign someone else to oversee the process. Crime scenes can be mentally disturbing. That said, the absence of affected persons during clean-up is understandable.

Contrary to popular belief, crime scenes consist of more than blood. When bodies are lifeless, the decomposition process starts immediately. This attracts bacteria and other microorganisms to the scene. This is why thorough professional cleaning is advised for all crime scenes.

It all depends on the type of insurance. Some covers include the clean-up, while others do not. Covers that include the clean-up are however more expensive.

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