Squatter Remediation Perth

If your Perth property has been affected by squatters, our Squatter Remediation Services can help ensure your home or business is cleaned up and restored. Get a fast quote for our services today.


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What Our Clients Say

"As a Property Manager and someone who has used their services personally, I can highly recommend Lewis and his team at Kleen Slate. They are professional, stick to their word and do a fabulous job every time!"

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We offer services for Residential & Commercial properties.

Benefits Of Squatter Remediation Services

Squatter remediation services are done by cleaning and disinfecting homes that deal with squatters and the homeless camps. This ensures that the place they are living in is clean and free from diseases. All this is thanks to Kleen Slate Services Company as we can clean up the affected rooms, areas or whole property including internal and external.

There are many hazards when cleaning up after squatters that include diseases harmful to humans, harmful sharps, needles, faeces clean up, removal - disposal of biohazard waste and much more.

For this reason, the Kleen Slate services offer cleaning services to squatter affected homes and or areas.

Why You Should Hire an Accredited Squatter Remediation Company

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, you should hire a specialist company because they are highly trained and accredited. PPE is essential, protective clothing, gloves, helmets, goggles, and masks that ensures the safety of the person carrying out the cleaning job. In addition, they have requisite chemicals required for cleaning up the place plus HEPA filters, which prevent bacteria from becoming airborne. These specialists also undertake a restoration of the property by cleaning and sanitising fabrics, furniture, walls, and other contaminated surfaces.

Call a professional today.

Instead of handing over the job to just anyone, hire an accredited squatter cleaning company like Kleen Slate Services. They have years of experience and offer the best decontamination cleaning service in Perth, Western Australia.

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