Outdoor Cleaning Perth

Our Perth cleaning services are not limited to the indoors. We also clean the exterior areas of your home including walls, gutters, paving and driveways.

If you are a business wanting your outdoor areas cleaned or if you are placing your home on the market, preparing it for a property inspection, or just want it to look nice, our Perth outdoor clean up services can help you.


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What Our Clients Say

"Just wanted to let you know that my tenant advised me that you did a fantastic job of cleaning the gutters and down pipes. He made a point of letting me know just how amazing he thought you were.

Thanks for attending so quickly and doing such a great job."

Perth Property Manager

Outdoor Cleaning Services

We offer services for Residential & Commercial properties.


Gutter Cleaning

It is important to keep your gutters clear to ensure their longevity and drainage of your roof when it rains. Failure to clean your gutters can lead to further water damage to your home.

Brick, Paver and Concrete Cleaning

Pathways and driveways around your home or business can become discoloured by dirt that has built up over time. Our equipment can clean and refresh the paving and concrete around your home or business.

High Pressure Water Cleaning

Our high pressure water cleaner can remove dirt from the surfaces around your home or business including the exterior of your home or business, pathways and driveways.

House Washing

Complete exterior house washing to prepare it for inspection or sale.

Graffiti Removal

Deter vandals by quickly removing graffiti from your premises.

Bore Stain Removal

We remove unsightly bore water stains on fencing and homes or businesses.

Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Area Clean

Most Perth homes and businesses have an exterior area that they need to keep clean. Kleen Slate Services can help with professional exterior cleaning for Perth.

The Benefits of Exterior Cleaning

Caring for the exterior of your home or business adds value to your property and makes a good first impression - as it is the first thing that guests and clients see.

For these reasons consider outdoor cleaning as an investment for your property. Kleen Slate Services work hard to produce an amazing outcome for you.

Our Services

As Perth outdoor cleaning specialists, we have cleaned the exterior areas of many small and large businesses, Perth shopping centres, industrial properties, hotels, and homes.

We can clean a range of exterior surfaces including driveways, pavement, windows, exterior walls, pathways and decking. We can also remove graffiti from walls and clean limestone and brick walls, which are popular in Perth.

Our fully trained team are able to deliver great results using professional cleaning equipment such as high pressure water cleaners and environmentally friendly chemicals. We also have a working with heights ticket so we can perform cleaning of heights of up to 12 metres.

Below are some of the exterior services we can provide for Perth homes and businesses.

High Pressure Water Cleaning & Maintenance

Our high pressure instruments can remove dirt and discolouration which can build up over time. Perth bore water deposits can lead to mineral staining on surfaces such as fencing and pavement which our high pressure water cleaners can also clean.

Even sealed wood can absorb substances which can lead to staining on decking and verandahs. Professional high pressure water cleaning can remove these stains and leave your outdoor areas looking fresh and clean.

Many of types of exterior cladding used on Perth homes can also discolour over time due to dirt. Our equipment is also able to remove dirt from the exterior of your home.

Carpark cleaning

Public carparks and garages often have blackened stains from car exhausts. Parked cars can also leave oil stains which can be difficult to clean with conventional cleaning equipment. Our professional exterior cleaning equipment can ensure carpark areas of your Perth home or business are kept to a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene.

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