Accredited Methamphetamine Clean Up for Perth Properties.

  • Accredited Testing and Documentation

    Written forensic analysis of your property to determine contamination and clean up plan.

  • Drug Paraphernalia Removal

    We are trained in the detection and removal of all drug paraphernalia.

  • Complete Decontamination

    Professional clean up and residue removal from all areas of the property.

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Trusted by Western Australian Businesses and Local Organisations


The Methamphetamine Property Decontamination Process

  • Item Removal

    Removal and disposal of any loose material including household items, furniture, personal belongings etc.

  • Biohazard Removal

    Removal and disposal of any biohazard material.

  • Neutralise Surfaces

    Decontaminate and treat all internal surfaces contaminated as indicated in the on-site survey and inspection and remediation action plan using specialised methamphetamine neutralizing chemicals.

  • Flush Drains

    Flush all drains, sinks, toilets and outside drains with specialised methamphetamine neutralising chemicals.

  • Air Conditioning / Ventilation

    Clean any ventilation and air conditioning systems affected by chemicals or biohazard.

  • Exterior Clean

    High pressure clean all paved surfaces and contaminated structural elements of the property.

  • Soil Check

    Soil check of outside chemical disposal sites.

What is Meth Made From?

  • Acetone

    Nail Polish Remover

  • Toluene

    Brake Fluid

  • Red Phosphorus

    Matchbox Striker Pads

  • Hydrochloric Acid

    Burns Flesh & Highly Corrosive

  • Sulphuric Acid

    Burns Flesh & Drain Cleaner

  • Lithium

    Used in Batteries.

  • Sodium Hydroxide

    Caustic Soda

  • Pseudoephedrine

    Cold & Flu Tablets

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