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Junk Removal Tips For Perth Residents

Local authorities are usually tasked with collecting regular trash from households at a small fee. They can outsource this service to private entities to improve efficiency. When it comes to junk, such as construction waste, however, consumers have to pay an extra fee to have the junk disposed of properly. Junk removal companies usually charge a fee based on the amount and type of waste to be collected, as well as the location of the consumer.

The following are junk removal tips to help you dispose of your junk easily and cost-effectively:

1) Plan Ahead

If you have recently had a home remodelling project and need to dispose of the construction waste, be sure to heap all the waste together in one place. This will reduce the time it takes to remove the junk from the site. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is heap the junk in one place. This will make it easier for junk removal companies to give you an estimate.

2) Get an Estimate

Junk cannot be treated as regular waste, so you will need a special pick-up for the junk. Before committing yourself, therefore, consider getting an estimate from service providers. Once you have an estimate, you can make the necessary financial preparations to have the junk hauled-off from the site.

3) Safety First

When handling the junk, you should always have thick padded gloves as well as safety boots, or at least leather shoes that cover your feet properly. You do not want to hurt yourself when collecting pieces of junk to heap in one place.

4) Avoid City Fines or Leftovers

If you put prohibited items together with your regular trash, you risk having the junk leftover. In some cases, the garbage collector may pick up all the trash together with the junk and surcharge you for it. The fine or penalty can be quite substantial. To ensure you do not have any waste leftover or get surcharged for the prohibited waste, you should separate your waste and call for a special pickup for the junk.

5) Choose the Right Junk Removal Company

Kleen Slate Services are an award winning cleaning service based in Perth. We have experience in junk removal and can completely clean up your property with our trained and accredited clean up service. Call us today for a fast quote.

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