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If your property has been abandoned by tenants and has a lot of junk left behind, contact Kleen Slate Services for a fast, accredited clean up service.


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Hoarder Clean Up Service

While there's nothing wrong with getting items we want, compulsive acquisition and storage can be harmful. Hoarding items may become a burden on the individual and the family in terms of physical space, emotional connection, and financial stability. Read on to learn more about the signs of hoarding, as well as the steps you can follow for a successful hoarder clean up.

What are the Signs of Hoarding?

1. Uncontrolled craving for more items.

Hoarders routinely purchase items under dubious circumstances. They might not need the items or have several of them already, but they will still find an excuse to get these again.

2. Lack of willpower to dispose of junk.

The amount of stuff stored in the house can make it difficult to keep track of them. Perishable items waste away quickly, while even non-perishable items suffer damage due to neglect. Despite being worthless, hoarders have trouble parting with the junk.

3. Ability to give away stuff not owned.

On the other hand, they do not have the same problem when it comes to things owned by other people. They can quickly get rid of the unused items by their family members as these are not their possessions.

4. Neglecting threats to safety and health.

What starts out as a minor concern can turn into a major disaster. Stacks of boxes can grow taller and become more unstable. Flammable items can catch fire. Pests can live and breed within the mountain of junk. When it gets to this point, loved ones may need to intervene.

Steps to Clean Up Hoarding

1. Keep the hoarder out while you clean.

Hoarders may prevent you from disposing of their beloved items. It would be best to have them stay elsewhere while you clean the house. Make an arrangement with a friend or a relative.

2. Gather your cleaning supplies.

You will be able to move more quickly and effectively if you have a complete set of supplies. Be sure to have a vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, trash bags, disinfectant sprays, and large boxes.

3. Plan your method of attack.

How you proceed will depend on the amount of clutter in each room. If the problem is localized, then you can focus on affected areas. If the hoarding has altered the whole house, then start with the living room or whichever space is by the main door.

4. Sort every pile.

You will find items of varying quality. Sort them in boxes labelled as Throw, Recycle, and Donate. Keep the sentimental items, donate things that could be valuable to others, and recycle what you can. Throw what you must at the end of each day.

5. Take breaks and reassess.

The whole process can take a while, especially if you don't have much help. Go ahead and take breaks. This will clear your mind and help you reassess the situation.

6. Wipe and scrub the rooms as well.

Don't just focus on the piles of stuff. Once you get them out, wipe the floor and other surfaces of the room. Make it nice and inviting again.

7. Maintain the spaces.

The house may look amazing after the clean-up, but don't be complacent. Once the hoarder comes back, the problem can begin again. Try to correct the habits and maintain the spaces.


Change is not easy but it is possible with a bit of help. If you need assistance, then contact Kleen Slate Services. The company offers professional and affordable Hoarder Cleaning Services in Perth. Call now to get a fast quote.

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