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Our Perth floor cleaning services will help your home or business premises floor look like new. We have all the professional equipment to ensure an amazing finish that will look fresh and remove deep dirt and staining.

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What Our Clients Say

"On time and professional. The carpets and my shaggy rug look and smell great. Reasonably priced. Would recommend!"

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Floor Cleaning Services

Our residential & commercial floor cleaning services include:


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning services will help ensure a deep clean for tiled flooring in and around your home or business. Our high powered equipment will ensure a thorough clean and an exceptional result.

Carpet Cleaning

We use a special hot water extraction process that removes deep dirt and kills germs. Our professional team and equipment will ensure a thorough cleaning process and an excellent result.
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Natural Stone Rejuvenation

Dirt can become trapped in natural stone flooring which dulls and discolours it over time. Restore the natural authentic beauty of your natural stone floor with our natural stone cleaning services.

Hard Floor Strip and Seal

We strip and seal hard floors to restore them to their natural colour and beauty.
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Floor Maintenance

To prevent long term damage and discolouration, certain floor types should be regularly maintained.

Emergency Flood Restoration

If your floor is subjected to flooding it will need a fast response to ensure damage is limited. 24/7 emergency call-out available.

Tips For a Clean Floor

The floors in your home need regular cleaning and maintenance. Below are the basic things you can do to keep the floors in your house clean, as well as some extra preventative tips you may not have considered.


Sweeping is ideal for removing dry surface dirt. Basic brooms contain long plastic bristles made from plant material like stalks, while specialized brooms contain short rubber bristles to get into carpet fibers and gaps in tiles. Some of them also have a microfiber cloth lining to attract dirt and dust better.


Mopping is done with soap and water or plain water to remove stains and tougher grime. Mops contain an absorbent sponge, cloth fibers or other synthetic soakable materials. Using synthetic floor cleaning chemicals, or organic options such as salt, lemon juice or baking soda, helps the mopping process.

Carpet and Hardwood

Mopping is not suitable for some hardwood or carpeted floors. Sweeping alone is not sufficient for such floors. You should consider another option. You can use a popular alternative like vacuum cleaners for this purpose. Vacuuming carpets and other types of flooring cleans them thoroughly and quickly. Steam vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners are also great and provide meticulous cleaning for messes and tougher stains by releasing steam to disinfect and clean simultaneously.

How Often Do You Need To Clean The Floors?

It depends on how dirty the floor is. A floor cleaning schedule can vary from once a week to once in a fortnight or more frequently if the dirt level is too much. Location (nearby smoke or dusty sources), visitor traffic, kids, and pets, determine the frequency of floor cleaning.

Prevention Tips

Below are some tips to prevent excessive dirt and mess on the floors of your home.

  • Don't wear shoes inside, especially work boots.
  • Use area rugs and doormats for people to clean their shoes and feet as they transition from outside to inside the home.
  • Reducing clutter prevents dirt from accumulating in hidden places.
  • Restrict pets to specific areas.
  • Clean small spills or spots instantaneously to prevent the dirt spreading throughout the home.
  • Control the existence of leftover food on floors.

Reducing Mould

In bathrooms, soap residue containing shed skin cells are ideal for growth of mould. The kitchen accumulates obvious sources of food. To control the growth of mould, try to keep the temperature as well as the moisture level down. You can achieve this goal by keeping surfaces dry as well as wiping them periodically. Ensure sufficient ventilation in all rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms, by using air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and exhaust fans where possible.

Professional Cleaning

While it is good practice to routinely clean your floors, regular cleaning will not remove all dirt and discolouration from your floors.

For this reason it is good practice to get your floors cleaned professionally once a year. This ensures that deep dirt is removed and flooring is somewhat restored to it's original lustre and shine. This will improve both the health and visual aesthetics of your home.

Kleen Slate Services For Perth Floors

Kleen Slate Services offer a range of Perth floor cleaning solutions at an affordable price. We have the professional equipment required to deeply clean the floors in your home.

Our carpet cleaning service will ensure that dirt trapped within your carpet is lifted and removed. Regular vacuum cleaners simply cannot remove this deeper dirt.

Similarly, our tile and grout cleaning service will remove dirt and discolouration from tiles, in particular the grout between tiles. For a quote on cleaning the flooring of your Perth home, contact us today.

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