Do’s and Don’ts When You Detect Mould in Your House

Mould can cause more damage to your house and can negatively impact the health of your family members. It can, however, take time to detect mould in your home. Once you detect mould in your house, it is always good to get rid of it as soon as possible to avoid health hazards. 

What to Do When You Detect Mould in the House?

Fixing the Source of Moisture 

  • Mould grows in damp and dark places. Fixing the source of the moisture can stop mould growth. So, check for water leaks in your home. 
  • The water leaks can spread moisture to different parts of your home. You can call professional plumbers to find the hidden leaks and repair them.

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Clear the Area

  • It is better to remove everything around the mould. If nothing is blocking the affected area, it can dry quickly. 
  • Drying the affected area can stop mould growth. 

Contact Experts 

  • Contact mould remediation experts. They have the proper tools, equipment and expertise to remove the mould. 
  • In fact, calling experts can protect you and your family members since it is risky to remove the mould. Experts wear safety gear when removing the mould. 

What Not to Do When You Detect Mould in the House? 

DIY Mould Removal 

  • You might want to remove the mould to save some money. However, you may not have the expertise and tools to safely remove the mould. 
  • You can even fail to completely remove the mould in your home. Experts use specialised tools to detect mould. Once they detect the mould, they completely remove them. 

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Use a Fan to Ventilate the Affected Area 

  • It is crucial to ventilate and dry the affected area. Do not, however, use a fan to ventilate the area. The fan can move the spores around your home. 
  • Therefore, the mould can spread throughout your home quickly. It is much better to use a dehumidifier to dry the affected area. 

Avoid Calling for Help

  • It can take time to remove the mould. And you may not have the expertise and tools to remove the mould. 
  • Do not wait too long to call experts. The experts will come to your home immediately. And they will get rid of mould quickly. 

Call Kleen Slate Services 

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