Can Mould Be Killed Without Bleach?

Mould is a problem that is not easy to eradicate unless professionally removed. Even then, unless the source of moisture that causes a mould infestation is eliminated, the mould will continue to flourish with detrimental effects on your health and home. Some of the more harmful types of mould produce mycotoxins that are highly toxic to humans and can cause serious respiratory illnesses.

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For generations, the go-to product for getting rid of small patches of visible mould in homes has been bleach. Here we discuss why you should not use bleach and provide two safe and effective, readily available remedies that can be used to effectively control the growth of mould.

person cleaning mould on wall with brush in hand wearing pink gloves

Why You Should Never Use Bleach

You should never use bleach to remove the mould because all it does is bleach the colour out of the visible mould without killing off the organism itself.  Just because you cannot see the mould does not mean that it is not active, spreading spores and mycotoxins into the air that can make you sick. In addition, bleach is also a health hazard and can cause serious damage if it comes into contact with your skin and eyes.

If you have a mould problem you should call a professional Perth mould removal company to completely clean and remove all traces of mould from your entire home according to Western Australian regulations. At Kleen Slate Services our professional team of mould remediation experts will detect mould at its source and use effective methods to eradicate it and prevent further infestation. Contact us today to make an appointment for a free quote.

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