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Understanding the Stages of Corpse Decomposition

Life can be scary and unpredictable but nothing beats discovering an unattended dead body. It is even harder ...
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Does Insurance Cover Unattended Death Clean-up?

Introduction Discovering an unattended death on one’s property or, in a much sadder context, that a loved one ...
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Health Hazards of Unattended Deaths

Introduction Unattended deaths occur when an individual passes on in isolation, or a hard-to-access location and the body ...
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Methamphetamine Property Testing

WA Considering Mandatory Meth Testing for Rentals

WA Acts Against Drug Contamination in Homes Through Mandatory Testing Pressing concerns have been raised regarding the health ...
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hoarding cleanup

Extreme Filth Clean Up Tips

As long as people continue to live, work, and acquire things, they will need to deal with clutter. ...
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How To Disinfect Your Office

Areas That Need the Most Cleaning With the birth of a pandemic (aka COVID-19) comes the need to ...
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning Perth

The 2019 novel coronavirus threat is still out there. The disease is highly infectious, and the greater danger ...
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How to Prevent Mould After Water Damage

Why Water Damage Leads to Mould Mould is a type of fungus that flourishes in dark, damp spaces. ...
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How Meth Contaminates a Building

Meth Contamination in Perth Living in a contaminated home may affect you and your family’s health. With meth ...
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Health Risks of Living in a Meth Contaminated House

Did you know that living in a house that was once occupied by people smoking meth and/or manufacturing ...
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What does a Crime Scene Cleaner Do?

What Does a Crime Scene Cleaner Do? As the name suggests, crime scene cleaning is about removing the ...
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