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You've spotted strange marks on your sheets and mysterious bites on your skin. Chances are you might have a bed bug problem! But don't panic, Kleen Slate Services is here to help with expert bed bug removal for your Perth home or business. 

Quick action is essential and we’ll help you reclaim your peaceful nights from these pesky intruders.


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What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, nocturnal insects that feed on human blood and often nest in places like mattresses, couches, and carpets. These pesky little critters are quite the nuisance, leaving itchy, irritating bites on your skin.

When you've got a bed bug problem, you'll want to seek bed bug removal as soon as possible and it's not a task you'll want to tackle by yourself.

Professional bed bug cleanup in Perth is your best bet. Why? Because we have the tools, equipment, experience and expertise to not only rid your home of these pests swiftly and efficiently.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Rusty-coloured spots on sheets

Irritating welts on your skin

Droppings on bedding (tiny black dots)

Tiny eggs or egg shells

Live bed bugs

Where to Look for Bed Bugs in Your Home

  • The two most common places you'll find bed bugs in your home are the bedroom and living room. Look for signs like blood spots on your sheets, or dark excrement spots on your mattress and furniture.
  • Check all nooks and corners. They love to hide in the cracks and corners of furniture, between cushions, and even behind your wallpaper.
  • Inspect your closet, as bed bugs can cling onto clothing. Don't forget to check your luggage after travelling! Bed bugs can hitch a ride home with you.

If you spot any signs, act quickly. Call Kleen Slate Service for your bed bug clean up from these pesky critters in your home.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Your Home

Bed bugs can sneak into your home in numerous ways:

Used Furniture

Although second-hand furniture can be eco-friendly and budget-saving, it's also a common way for bed bugs to enter homes. It's important to always check items thoroughly before making a purchase.


Bed bugs can easily latch onto your luggage while you're staying in hotels or using public transport. They will hitch a ride back home without you even realising it.

Neighbouring Apartments

Bed bugs can easily crawl through cracks and holes in walls and floors. If your neighbours have an infestation, it's possible for the bugs to make their way into your home as well.

How To Remove Bed Bugs

You'll need to thoroughly clean or dispose all your bedding, clothes and any other contaminated items. Modern-day chemicals are safe and act as a barrier to provide ongoing protection. You can also combine a method of steam and chemicals for more effective treatment. Our licensed and accredited pest control will also conduct treatments during the process.

It's best not to try tackling this issue on your own. Professional bed bug removal companies like Kleen Slate Services have the knowledge and equipment to eliminate bed bugs effectively.

Why Use Kleen Slate Services for Bed Bug Removal

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Upholstery Cleaning for bed bugs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bed bug bites can cause skin rashes and allergic reactions. While they don't transmit diseases, scratching the bites can lead to secondary infection, swelling, and even bleeding. It's crucial to treat these promptly and seek medical advice from your physician.

To prevent a future bed bug infestation, you'll want to maintain high cleanliness standards. Regularly wash and vacuum bedding, and keep an eye out for telltale bed bug signs. Take care when bringing in second-hand furniture.

Yes, bed bugs can spread from one room to another within the same house. These pests can crawl into luggage, clothing, and even furniture, making them easily transportable from room to room.

Contact Kleen Slate Services; your local, professional bed bug cleanup service. We'll conduct a thorough inspection and suggest the necessary works and treatments to eliminate the infestation.

No, this is a common misconception. Bed bugs can live anywhere if they have access to their food source: humans.

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