6 Top Places to Check for Mould Growth in Your House

Mould exposure can cause several health issues in your home, including wheezing, coughing, eye irritation, nasal stuffiness and throat irritation. Mould is even more harmful to people with chronic lung disease and allergies.

However, it is not easy to spot mould growth in your house. If there is mould growth in your house, it is better to hire a professional cleaner to get rid of the mould growth.

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Here are the top places to check for mould growth in your house:

1. Bathroom

The bathroom environment is mostly warm and wet. This is the perfect condition for mould growth. Therefore, check for mould in your shower and bathtub, sink and toilet, around the faucet and in the walls and on the floor.

2. Kitchen

Mould can grow quickly in your kitchen because of the running water from the sink and the leftovers in your kitchen. The mould mostly grows under the kitchen sink, the refrigerator and pantry, microwave and stove and trash cans and wooden cutting boards.

3. Bedroom

Mould can grow in your bedroom due to excess moisture. Mould can grow on your mattress and the windows and window sills. If you use AC to control humidity in your bedroom, mould may grow in your air conditioning and heating vents.

4. Living room

Mould can also grow in your living room, especially if you take your meals in the living room or if you have household plants in the living room. So, check for mould growth on the curtains and couch and indoor plants and even the fireplace and chimney in your living room.

5. Basement/Garage

You may not spend most of your time in your basement or garage. So, it can take time for you to notice mould growth in these places. Check for mould around your pipes and ducting, near a sump pump, on the vents or windows where condensation may gather and around your garage windows and doors.

6. Other places

Mould can grow in almost every place in your house. The mould can grow behind your walls and ceiling. It is better to hire an expert to check for mould behind your walls and ceiling. Additionally, mould can grow on your fabric, upholstery and carpeting since they can collect moisture.

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Found Mould in Your House? Contact Us.

These are some of the top places to check for mould growth in your house. If mould grows in your house, you must get rid of it as soon as possible. If you are looking for a professional to get rid of mould from your house, then contact Kleen Slate Services today for your Perth mould cleaning.

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